Frequently asked questions

How long do details usually take?

Depending on the package you choose, the duration of the detail will vary. However,  the average time for a detail is about 2 hours. Some cars are dirtier than others, and or bigger. In those situations, more time and labor is required. Ultimately, we do our best in finishing in a timely manner without sacrificing quality. 

Why should I detail my car?

Detailing your car regularly is a surefire way to preserve the quality and looks of your car. Also, if you are in the market to sell your car, detailing is a great way to bump up its value. Vice versa, if you recently purchased a used car, detailing it is a great way to ensure the removal of any previous gunk that may have collected over the years. 

Will a detail fix the scratches on my car?

Unfortunately, as a detailing company there is only so much we can do before you have to take your car to a body shop. A general rule of thumb we like to tell our customers is that if you can feel the scratch with your nail then it might need body work. On the contrary however, if scratches appear to be surface level then there is a good chance that we can remove the majority of them from the paint. 

What makes a detail cost that much?

Detailing is simply more than just a surface level clean. Our details are a manifestation of professional techniques and chemicals required to not only bring out the DETAILS of the car for the time being, but to keep them out and to truly preserve the beauty of the car for as long as possible.

How often should I get my car detailed?

To keep all components of the car up to par, from an aesthetic point of  view, we recommend detailing your car at least 3 times a year. We say this over and over again, detailing your car helps preserve the condition of your paint and also interior. The sealants and chemicals we use provide sufficient protection against salt, rocks, snow, and other conditions nature might throw towards your car. 

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